Ultra Shimmer Party Package

Ultra Shimmer Party Package $245

The Ultra Shimmer Party package is a 2 hour package designed for a large group of  children.  ( If more than 10 children I would recommend the Ultra Shimmer Package). It offers 1 hour of facepainting and 1 hour of magic and games and glitter hair spraying.

    1. Interactive Magic Show- Each party begins with a  magic show which gets all children involved in magical spells and tricks and will have all children in fits of laughter. It’s amazing the power of fairy dust!
    2. Dancing and Singing- Choreographed dance moves to your child’s favourite song.
    3. Party Games- a mixture of all your child’s favourite games including, pass the parcel ‘what’s the time fairy shimmer?’, musical statues, pin the tail on the donkey, duck duck goose, and fairy treasure hunt to name a few.(all games include party prizes, we make sure every child will go home with a prize.)
    4. Face painting –  Each child can choose any design they like and the paint is suitable for children with sensative skin.
    5. Sparkle Hair Spraying- Each child will have their hair sprayed in either glitter or colour hair spray


Please note: If you have 20 or more children you can add an extra half hour on to the party package (to accommodate for extra face painting time) for an extra $20.

*Arts and crafts are optional also at an additional cost or can be swapped for something in the package! (please inquire for details)

*Balloon Sculpting is only included in the deluxe package but can be included in any package for an extra $30. Children can choose balloons in any colour and to be sculpted into almost any design from hearts, poodles, flowers, giraffes, swords, fish and more!